Rear Camber Links

Introducing Jayís Hot Rodís adjustable rear camber links for 04+ plus Mopars. These links completely replace your stock fixed arm allowing over 3 degrees both negative and positive camber. Forget about those "adjustable" bushings, these links utilize ladder bar hex adjusters to achieve movement. Simply loosen the jam nut and easily rotate to desired camber setting. Jay's Hot Rods builds these new camber links with high quality USA PARTS. The hex adjusters are chromoly steel, the tubing is high quality DOM, the inserts are 1045 mild steel, and the bushings are all polyurethane. The units are jig built and then TIG welded for superior strength. Each camber link set sells for $575.00 plus shipping costs.

Mustang Cooler Box

The creation of this cooler box was spawned by necessity. This unit was designed to fix the existing cooling flaw on the 05+ Mustang GT with a factory equipped or aftermarket supercharger. The cooler box displaces over 2.5 gallons to be used in conjunction with the factory reservoir. This extra capacity acts to cools down inlet temps and allow for greater power gains. This cooler box incorporates integrated screens to allow for the addition of ice during drag race applications. The box is easily installed and mounts in front of the driver side tire with no need for component relocations.† For additional ease, the filler tube extends into the engine compartment.† All units are built with 6061 aluminum and are TIG welded and pressure tested to ensure reliability.† This cooler unit was awarded a design patent (U.S. D621, 339 S) on June 28, 2010. Each cooler box unit sells for $415.00 plus shipping costs.



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